B+TONG - Hysteria

CatégorieCD CD-R
Dark experimental soundscapes, concrete sounds & weird atmospheres from this talented one-man-project from Switzland. To discover...
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"Hysteria" is the 2009' album for this Swiss one-man-project. Compared to his debut album, "Structures", "Hysteria" is less drone oriented, more experimental, more minimal, using more concrete sounds and processed sound-sources. Here, the deep drones and dark atmospheric soundscapes are put on the side for a nearly "Musique concrete" approach of the sound. But not academic.... a weird and dark atmosphere which could be the perfect soundtrack of films such as a new "Eraserhead" for instance. Pro-burned CD-R with pro-printed coverreleased on a U.S. label in a limited edition of 100 copies only, unfortunately. To discover ! 8 tracks / Total length: 32 minutes.