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La musique de :Embers: peut être qualifiée de musique électronique sombre pimentée d'un accent flamand prononcé lui conférant une bonne dose d' inquiétante étrangeté... Ce duo belge crée des compositions sonores à la croisée de la trance, de l'industriel et du noiserock fortement teintées de surréalisme à l'image du titre de leur premier EP "Licht Zwart" ("Lumière Noire" en français)...

Formé en 2010 par quatre psychotiques, Cage Apotheek est un groupe de musique industrielle old school (pensez Throbbing Gristle etc.) mettant l’accent sur le travail des ambiances. Les nappes de synthés analogiques, les sons électroniques et les guitares distordues confèrent une atmosphère étrange, froide et sombre, portée par une basse énorme et répétitive littéralement violée par une voix parlée, sifflée ou scandée, triturée de divers effets.
Tour à tour tribale, rituelle, mécanique, désespérée ou enragée, la musique de ce quatuor parisien est toujours religieusement malsaine et psychotrope...

Groupe formé en 1994 ce duo bruxellois développe un rock industriel lourd et oppressant à la croisée du hard-core, du post-rock et de l'expérimental noisy. Basse et guitare distordues couplées à un chant hurlé et guttural viennent se greffer sur de solides bases rythmiques crées à partir de sampler générant un véritable mur du son entrecoupé de quelques rares passages plus ambiants seulement... Leur influence musicale majeure est sans conteste Godflesh, dont le groupe assura d'ailleurs la première partie au Magasin 4 à Bruxelles lors de leur dernière tournée, mais citons également Ministry, Zeni Geva, Young Gods, Melvins, Neurosis, Melt Banana, Fugazi, Ruins, Scorn, Napalm Death, ... comme autres sources d'inspiration....

Concerts suivis d'une soirée musicale incluant des standarts de la musique industrielle, électronique, expérimentale, post-punk , noise, dark-ambient, néo-folk etc par des DJs précautionneusement sélectionnés...

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We have just made a selection among the releases we are distributing to establish a list of productions we would like to offer at reduced prices. These are featured in the "Special sales" tag and gather roughly one third of our back catalogue so 1000 references approximately. Most of them are items we would like to reduce the quantities of. The listed price includes the reduction.

We also would like to announce the release of four albums. Among them three are reissues of longtime sold-out references, the last one is brand new.

- GRUNT : « Someone is watching » - CD (FORCE 001) *
- GRUNT: "Europe after storm" - CD (FORCE 003)
- MIND & FLESH : « Martyr Generation »- CD (FORCE 007)

Please find all complete info in the "Last arrivals" section.

* Available also as T-shirt with two different patterns and in S/M/L/XL sizes.

LA RUMEUR - LILLE - 13 juin 2013
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Akoustik Timbre Frekuency/Priapus 23

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency is Priapus 23’ main Ritual Ambient akt. ATF is a Ritual Ambient projekt using field rekordings, synthesised sounds and traditional Ritual Instruments from various kultures to facilitate trance states within thee listener...

ATF began life in 2001 and, over the next decade released an impressive amount of CD’s, CDr’s and digital download albums either on their own ATF Produktions label or on other European labels such as Quartier 23 (DE). During this time ATF also performed in numerous festivals like in Arnhem, NL at thee Avecom Real multimedia arts or for thee Future Ritual night as part of thee BUT film festival in Breda, NL alongside Om Digidelica and Kristus Kut. We can also mention the live performance by ATF at thee Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht, NL, alongside The Greater Good, The Machinest, Kristus Kut, the [law-rah] Kollektive, Killing Joke, Rome & Nitzer Ebb to name a few.

This event will feature the first public screening of the entire 'Dreamachine Sessions' series of films, based around the kinetic sculpture created by Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville. There are six films in total, varying from pure acoustic to pure synthesised soundtracks, all of which use thee Dreamachine as the main source of footage for thee creation of these films. ATF recently performed a live soundtrack to the cut-up films of Anthony Balch, accompanied by Will Connor and Frank Rynne, at the Dreamachine launch in London last year.

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency has featured on a variety of kompilations for a number of labels including Quartier23 (DE), Classwar Karaoke (UK), Apsis, AIN23 (Formerly TOPYUS).

ATF mainly fokuses on kreating elektro-akoustik kompositions that are designed for Ritual usage, no matter what path thee praktitioner may follow. These have been labelled as ‘General Ritual Intensifiers’ and are designed to augment thee Gnostik experience. Various Ritual Instruments from around thee world are utilised within these rekordings inkluding Singing Bowls, Horns, Aura Chimes, Rain Stiks, Flutes and Bamboo Perkussion to name a few. Field rekordings are also inkorporated within thee kompositions which kan range from graveyards to nature parks, from sewers to tree tops. These akoustik rekordings are interwoven with synthesised and sampled material to kreate an evokative environment for thee listener to use as they see fit. It is a Sonik Tool...

Musikal, visual or philosophical influences include artists such as Coil, Pierre Shaeffer, Throbbing Gristle, Z'ev, Stockhausen, Psychic TV, Virgin Prunes, Gyoto Monks, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, I-Ching, Tarot Cards, Aleister Crowley, Robert Anton Wilson, Tim Leary, William Burroughs, ADHD, Phil Hine, Kaos Magik, Carlos Castaneda, Richard Bach, Austin Osman Spare, Ramsey Dukes, Wilhelm Reich, 23, Tuvan/Mongolian Throat Singing, Master Musicians Of The Jajouka, Fungi, Shamanism, H. P. Lovecraft & Cthulhu, TOPY, Anton LaVey, Discordianism, Church Of The Subgenius, Anthropology, Psychology, Psychopharmacology, Quantum Physics, Luke Rhinehart, Chris Watson, Kabbalah, The Golden Dawn, Marquis De Sade...

As mentioned before, Priapus 23 is the artist behind Ritual Ambient project Akoustic Timbre Frekuency and owner of Sombre Soniks, a label mainly fokusing on Projekts with Ritual & Ethnomuzikologikal influences.

For their first appearance in France, Priapus 23 will be joined on stage by Will Connor, a London-based Percussionist/Ethnomusicologist devoted to experimenting and composing using unconventional instruments and techniques playing experimental music on found objects, household items, traditional percussion.

Priapus 23 has been developing his own form of 'shamanik Animism' for 14 years now, developing and refining his own personal Rites and Belief Systems which are deeply interwoven within his audio kompositions and performances having taken elements from a

variety of sources inkluding Aleister Crowley, Robert Anton Wilson, William S. Burroughs, Genesis P-Orridge & TOPY, Tibetan & Mongolian kultures and H. P. Lovecraft to name but a few...

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Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule is a visual and sonic artist, sorceror, tattooist, tantric, tarotic, Director of Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Co. (loosely based in Australia with performances also in UK, Europe, US) and instigator of the HermAphroditic ChAOrder of the Silver Dusk.

After London, where he will be displaying some of his new paintings during I:MAGE, a week-long exhibition showcasing a rare selection of material drawn from the growing international developments in esoteric art and Glastonbury where he will also be exhibiting at the Hekate Symposium and before 'Going Back to the Roots', a June group exhibition of magical art in Poland, Orryelle will be in the North of France for a couple of days….

For his second visit to Lille, Orryelle will present his new music -violin, voice, percussion, electronica- within a ritualised performance incorporating Butoh dance, concerning the Albedo phase of Alchemy and St Michael & the Beast ..

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule is a ChAOrder magician and Baphometic avatar, dedicated to the wo/manifestation of the Wyrd in the realms of the flesh. Vessels for this reification include hir own body as temple and template (tattoos as tantric cartography, self-sculpting, dance and song); iNSPiRALink. Multimedia Press (IMPress) publications; Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Company (loosely based in Australia with performances also in UK, Europe, US); and the ever-expanding digital archives of the Mutation Parlour.

Underlying these extant vessels is The HermAphroditic ChAOrder of the Silver Dusk, a global ChAOrder devoted to the overlap of magic and/as Art, counterpointing the solar scientific magic of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with lunar, intuitive and Arachnean magics.

Orryelle's current creative foci are the Tela Quadrivium, a fourfold alchemic bookweb being progressively published by Fulgur Limited (Conjunctio 2008, Coagula 2011, Solve 2012…), and the culmination of the Orpheus Working in various media.

Musically Orryelle fuses post-classical violin with tantric mantras, harmonic chanting and diverse experimental electronic and percussive backing. Live shows include Butoh-inspired dance and ritualistic theatrical elements.

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