ANEMONE TUBE - Death Over China

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"Death Over China" is painfully alive, bursting with an agonizing tension. It grips the listener with admirable force, never letting go until the 45 mn of the recording are over. Rating 5/5" HEATHEN HARVEST 2011.
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Issued from a collaboration between the TOPHET PROPHET (Israel) and SILKEN TOFU (Belgium)' labels, "Death Over China" follows only one year after the magnificent "Dream Landscape". using field-recordings from Nanjing and Shanghai, ANEMONE TUBE creates an unsettling apocalyptic soundtrack with a sinister atmosphere and depressive undertone - a unique blend of dark ambient, noise and power-electronics in the tradition of European post-industrial music. "Death Over China" is the second part of "the Suicide Series", which combines analytical realism of the phenomenal world with Buddhist psychology and nihilist rhetoric influenced by the works of Michael HANEKE, Hayao MIYAZAKI, H.P. LOVECRAFT and Yukio MISHIMA. Comes in beautifully designed deluxe ten panel oversize folder with elegant black/metallic print. Limited handnumbered edition of 731 copies. Released in 2011. 6 tracks / Total length : 45 mn.