MK9 - Anhedonic Ideations

CatégorieCD 2x 3"CD-R & Business-card Limited to 120 copies set including 2 x 3"CDr, a Business-card, a 72 page booklet, a buton, an insert, an hand typed text, all packed in a in a sealed black foil bag.
Each square disc is unique.

black disc:
five untitled tracks

silver disc:
audio recorded once per day
over a six month period
each track represents one week

square disc:
a reading of a paragraph from the booklet
Sales price: 15,00 €

2x3" CD-R & Business-card

MK9, the new project of Michael Nine, began in the latter half of 2001. Proceeding the end the controversial and confrontational performances as the world renowned project Death Squad, MK9 brings the initiation of a different level of psychological intrusion. Through video projection and expansive audio constructions and performance, MK9 continues to investigate the varying aspects of extreme emotional states interrelated with the human condition and psyche.