YANNICK FRANCK - Memorabilia

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"Memorabilia arises from my fascination with the relation between memory and present, dreams and existence - the grey area where inner and outer life merge" Yannick FRANCK, May 2011.
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"Memorabilia" is the debut album of Belgium sound artist Yannick FRANCK, known as the founder of electroacoustic noise project Y.E.R.M.O. and head of the label IDIOSYNCRATICS RECORDS. it includes seven dreamlike, deep and highly trance inducing soundscapes evolving in a subtle, oceanic progression throught intense yet obsure atmospheres. Electronically processed instruments, voice, field recordings and samples form the basis for this truly evocative, inspirational soundtrack. Comes in a six panel digifile, released in 2011, limited to 500 copies. Total length : 38'56.